Thursday, August 8, 2013

For Those That Don't Know.....

...there is an old mountain tale that for every foggy day in August..
there will be a snow in the winter...

Thick fog - heavy snow
Light fog - light snow

You keep track of this by marking of your calendar or my preferred method....
beads in a jar...

A blue bead for a thick fog..
A green bead for a light fog...

Then remove a bead according to the snow falls.
Last year i was left with two beads...
(Maybe a slept thru a snow or two)

Then you get a day like today....
hard call....hummmmmm....light in spots heavy in others...

Maybe i'll throw in a yellow bead and call it a "flurrie"

Everyday is a Gift


  1. That is so very interesting. I love hearing about things like your mountain tales. Growing up in WI our big tale is "if the cows are lying down in the pasture it will soon rain". Have a nice day. And thanks for explaining your tale of the beads to me.

  2. As a public school teacher, we were always ready for that August fog!:-) That weather folklore didn't seem to work in our area, though. We are across the mountain from you in Tennessee, and snow often stops on the Plateau, covers the Smokies, but leaves none for us in the valley.

  3. I love this tale of old; I remember last year when you had the jar. I always watch what animals and birds do to determine whether it will be a hard winter. Here in Colorado, we determine the first frost by when the Cicada's start their song.
    Our weather today looks like yours-cloudy, overcast, cool and foggy.
    I am not ready to think about fall yet, it is still summer in my heart.
    Hugs, Noreen

  4. haha Maybe the Flurry is a good idea. (smile) I do like following this with you, it is neat.