Monday, August 12, 2013

Say..."Hello"... my little friend...
that stopped by the office Friday morning...

Fall is coming....the butterflies are out in full force..

Everyday is a Gift


  1. You really did get a shot of that butterfly. They are showing up in our part of the woods too. They are really beautiful creatures. Many signs of fall are showing up right along with them too. Hope you have a happy Monday!

  2. He is a beauty and you did an excellent job photographing him.

  3. I love the butter flies, but all my life I have wondered if they knew where they were going, or they just flew random patterns?
    (HUGS) from here.
    \Nice shot of the visitor!

  4. I'm sure you're still counting those August fogs! Today was the first day of school here - a half day - and there was quite a fog! We always hoped the weather lore would come true for us during the winder, but that was seldom what happened.