Friday, February 27, 2015

Unexpected Days Off....

and I'm using the time to restock the freezer....
Yesterday - Stuffed Peppers - one meal for dinner and three for the freezer.
Today - Boston Butt Roast in the crock pot - Pulled pork for dinner tonight and the rest gets divided up and vacuum sealed for the freezer.
Tomorrow - I think I'll roast a couple of chickens....dinner and freezer...same system as the pork.
It's sooo nice to have cooked meals on those hectic days..
Mama is happy and the Freezer is happy!!

..Go for Your Dreams..


  1. Well I ain't happy, you DONE made me hungry, as a mountaineer once told me, "You flung a craving on me".
    It all sounds good and smart too.

    Imma thinking that is the last of the snow (I said that before I am sure!)

  2. Well Done!!! We keep our freezer pretty stocked, but other than soup or chili don't keep a lot of pre-made meals in it.
    Have a fantastic weekend.
    Hugs, Noreen

  3. I do a hotdish and a lasagna and soups for those busy days or the not feeling like cooking days! Cook once and eat twice or even three times:) Glad you got home sfae from your snowy adventure:)

  4. Wow! I'd love to come shop in your freezer!:-)

  5. The smells must be wonderful there at your house ! Besides stocking the freezer and eating good you are keeping that kitchen a warm and cozy place to be too ! Keep warm !