Monday, April 27, 2015

More Puppy Pix......

the MaleChild came for dinner yesterday and snapped a few shots...
Here we are.....if Tank can chew that wire open we'll come give you a kiss...
the pups with the yellow and blue ribbons already have forever homes...
Never mind the's DINNER Time....!!!

..Go For Your Dreams..


  1. Glad some have forever homes already ! Those puppies are so cute. Bundles of joy and energy!

  2. They are adorable and deserve the best of homes.

  3. Hi there, For some strange reason I missed the post about the puppies and they are adorable. What breed/mix are they? I love their coloring. Hope you are having a wonderful spring with these cuties.
    Hugs, Noreen

    1. The mom is a beagle and dad was a mixed breed shepherd. three are back/tan like dad and three are tri-colored like mom...