Monday, November 9, 2015

Time Moves Along...

It happens every Fall...
The Dillard Brothers appear out of the morning fog and mist to mow the acreage and "fix" the washed-out driveway...
It happened a little bit later this year due to the rainy weather we've had for the last few weeks. we look like this...
and guess what?
It's raining again...!
"So Long" driveway.....  ;(

..Go For Your dreams..


  1. That would be a problem for you there. Hopefully there is no new damage to your drive. The sun is coming out here this morning. A blessing indeed.

  2. Your "new" driveway looks nice. Hope it stays that way. Going to be sunny here today.

  3. Rainy and cool here today as well! Sounds like that driveway may need to be reworked!

  4. You guys have a great view, spruced up, it is a beautiful view'

    Love from Florida!