Monday, February 8, 2016

More Insanity....

The "boys" and the femalechild have come and gone...
A super great time was had by all!
The picture is of them snow tubing at HawksNest Ski Resort outside of Boone.
They're planing on coming back in the Spring to canoe the New River....
I should start stocking the freezer now...!!

My Mom is in a rehab facility for an undetermined amount of time..
the hospital stay and surgery was rough on fact I spend the night of her surgery with her and it was not the most pleasant experience we've had together...
She's getting stronger everyday and hopefully her stay will be short...
Thanks for the prayers and well wishes...

"Change, it's good for you"


  1. Glad you had a nice time with your daughter and grandsons. Sorry to hear your mother is having a rough time. Will say a prayer for her.

  2. It's nice you have another visit to look forward to in the Spring. Glad you mom in out of the hospital and in rehab now. Praying her stay is a short one !

  3. It is good to have family together for fun, But so sorry to hear mama had a tough time. Hopefully as the weather warms ALL things will look better.

  4. Oh, to be young! Yes, it takes some stocking of the pantry, etc. when the house is full!:-) Continuing to send prayers for your mother's recovery.

  5. Kids can eat like there is no tomorrow! You are a good daughter to stay all night with your Mom in the hospital...I hope she keeps improving. Just being in the hospital and having surgery can throw old people for a loop:)