Monday, April 18, 2016

A Red Letter Day.....

 Let me tell you about April 16th.....
It's the day our daughter was born...
It's the day CityBoy's father past away
Yep....same day 12 hours apart..
now it's the day City Boy had his second heart attach..
The following is the post I put on Facebook Saturday afternoon...

"Well...the day started off at 5:20 am with Arnold saying I think you better take me to the ER.....The ER in Boone thought he might be having a "baby" heart attach...and sent him by ambulance to Frye Medical Center in Hickory....the cardiac cath results shows he needs a double, maybe triple, by pass......they are keeping him in the hospital to wean him off of blood thinners so they can do the surgery on Friday.....he may get to come home before the end of's been a rough day.....pray for all of us.....Thanks"

He's still in the cardiac care unit waiting for his platelets to thicken up...his blood count is getting better everyday....looks like surgery is still on for Friday...

Keep us in your prayers....


  1. You all are in my prayers. Thankfully you got CityBoy to the ER in time

  2. What a scary time! Prayers from here!

  3. Prayers and the best to Cityboy and the family as you wait.
    What a day to remember!