Tuesday, April 5, 2016


See this?
This is a semi loaded with hay balls....
What you don't see is CityBoys car (behind the trees) and the two hay balls that fell off the truck and hit CityBoy's car....
CityBoy saw the truck taking a curve in the road very wide...so..he stopped and moved over to give the driver plenty of room.
As the truck came out of the curve the load shifted and two hay balls rolled off hitting the front fenders and grill of the car....
The car is drivable/fixable and he made it home AOK.
The truck driver got sited for not having the load secured properly and drove away...

"Attach of the Hay Balls!"
has a B rated horror movie sound to it...

..change, it's good for you..


  1. Wow! Thank God CityBoy is okay and the car is fixable. That could have been a lot worse. Think I'll pass on that kind of change.

  2. That happened to me one but with small square bales...it is really scary:)

  3. Hey, dem dudes is heavy! Yeah good no one was hurt, but these past few months ain't been good for vehicles in the high country, huh?

  4. Thankfully he is ok. That's a blessing.