Thursday, October 20, 2016

Back Yard....

Fall Color..!

Yes the leaves have turned and should reach peak this weekend.  We're expecting rain and strong winds this Monday most of the fall will be on the ground...
the Dillard Brothers have mowed the Twelve Acre Wood....The gutter leaf guard is fixed...the pantry/freezer is full and the weather gurus are whispering the "S" word for this weekend...


  1. You have lovely Fall colors. Hubby and I went out this past weekend and enjoyed all the color around WI. Sure hope the weather gurus are wrong about the "s" word.

  2. You have great color and will beat Minnesota to the snow...yeah for you! :)

  3. What a beautiful view hope the wind and rain want mess it up.

  4. Good grief - the "S" word is coming much too early!
    We had gorgeous, mild weather all week (in the 80's) but tonight it's raining and the temp is dropping.

  5. Beautiful picture, but the 's' word, NAY, but it is 68 here in Deltona now. Soooooo cud be.

  6. Your back yard is just beautiful. S...for the weekend, no thank you ! I haven't heard that word mentioned in our forecast but if is getting colder.