Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Things that go Bump in the night....

It was 2:41 on Sunday morning when I heard what sounded like our son slamming out the back door and taking off in his truck…
 My mother radar screamed…..where is he going at this time of night..in this weather…..!!???*** ( We were having high winds and heavy rains thanks to a front coming in from the north and Matthew to the east….)

By this time the dogs have gone ballistic and the banging had reached a new level on the back side of the house....

Turned out to be part of the leaf guard in the rain gutter had broken lose on one end and was trying to come in the dining room window…

We woke up the kid and made him move his truck which was under and to the right of the damaged guard…..then removed the window screen…..grabbed the metal guard and as I held it CityBoy hurried downstairs for a drill and screws….

Now it is screwed into the outside wooden window frame and seemed to be fairly secure….'cause the gutter people says they can get out here maybe within the next six weeks…..


  1. i am glad you were able to "secure" it before it came through your window. Hopefully the "gutter" people can get to fixing it before the snow flies. Funny how that "mom radar" hangs around even when the kids are grown.

  2. Ah ha! now you are hearing like I used to. But it is a great story! Screws and screw guns are sometimes the wonder tools!

  3. Glad you caught it before any damage was done. Bumps in the night can be a scary thing. Good your's was fixable anyway!

  4. Good grief! What a scare, glad it wasn't worse!