Monday, December 19, 2016

A Rant.....

Everyone knows I live in the mountains...
Now i have a question/rant.....
Why is there a need to pass on a two-lane curvy road...??!!
I'm semi-old...but...I don't drive like a snail..
I drive according to weather conditions..if it's rainy, icey, snowy or foggy I drive a little slower than the speed limit.  If it's clear and beautiful I drive the speed limit or maybe a little faster depending on my mood...
Several times in the past few weeks there have been cars/trucks that have passed me like I'm standing still on roads that are double yellow and hilly with curves....!!
Is where you're going soooo important that you have to endanger your life and mine?  And in all the cases I've pulled up right behind you at the red light,,!!
What's your hurry???
Slow down enjoy life...what ever it is will still be there when you get there....


  1. I can strongly identify with this (as you know). No one has ever tried to pass me here on the mountain roads, but they sure show their impatience by tailgating.

    I sometimes go faster than the speed limit, but no matter how quickly I drive, there's always somebody behind me who impatiently wants to go faster.
    Nothing annoys me more than tailgaters - especially on these dangerous mountain roads!

  2. Amen to Jon and you said it here:
    And in all the cases I've pulled up right behind you at the red light,,!!
    What's your hurry???*****

    Time and time again it is the same whether curvy roads or flat lands. Anyway, I sure do understand the rant generated on those roads!

  3. I totally understand your rant. These people are so very irritating and it bothers me that they, in their hurry, are willing to risk my life as well as theirs just to end up sitting at a red light.

  4. Safety over speed is my motto. It seems no matter where I go someone else passes me up too. I often meet up with them at the next red light. Being in the mountains though on curvy roads is even worse. Take care and watch out for those crazies.

  5. People are in a crazy hurry these days, and angry drivers who just don't care I guess. I was passed in a no passing zone and I was going over the speed limit. Today we saw three cars in the ditch in 10 miles...travelling too fast on the ice;(