Monday, December 12, 2016

the View.....

One of the many reasons I love working for the state parks.
Can't beat the scene outside the windows.

Well.....the kid made it home and has been trying to readjust to Eastern Standard time.
Today he goes to the school board and signs up as a substitute teacher.

Spent Friday afternoon at the ER with CityBoy.....kidney stones are painful little buggers...but it past on Sunday morning and he's back to normal.

And me...?
I'm trying to develop some Holiday Spirit....
at least the cards have been printed....
not mailed, but, printed...
Maybe tomorrow.....hummmmm.....


  1. Yep you have a beautiful view at work and also at home. Love the NC mountains.
    OUCH about the stones... Glad that is PASSED!
    73* here in Deltona!

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  3. That is some view! Glad hubby was able to pass the stone - it took my hubby a week to pass his. I know what you mean about the Christmas Spirit. I seem to be having a hard time with mine this year. Hopefully the Spirit is on it's way.

  4. Who could resist that view. You do have a pretty place to work. Glad your boy is home and your hubby is better too. I have my cards ready to mail today. Christmas comes whether we are ready or not !

  5. Wow - what a spectacular view!

    I had kidney stones once and it was the worst pain I ever experienced in my life! I can sympathize.

  6. Kidney Stone pain is worse that birthing a baby. I hope your hubby avoids them in the future, I drink lemonade everyday it changes my PH far it works for me:) Hope you find your Christmas Spirit:)