Sunday, December 24, 2017

Christmas 2017

Due to the arrival of Mikey the Monster Puppy...Christmas at the Twelve Acre Wood is a little different this year.
The Christmas Goose along with the Gingerbread shakers made the cut in decor....
The small Gingerbread house, the Snowman, Santa and Moose shakers made the mantel decor....
The new furr baby stockings are ready for stuffing....
The Christmas Tree did not make the decor this year....
UpDate on the family......

The malechild made a 4.0 in his first semester of Master's classes.
The parental units are doing well.
The Femalechild along with two of the grandsons are coming for a visit in January. 
CityBoy is enjoying life.
I'm keeping them all in line...!
Happy Holidays...!! 



  1. MERRY CHRISTMAS it is god to get the updates. Like the 4.0, good stuff. But the parents and whats his name doing well is GREAT.
    You keeping them in line? hahahaha

    Most likely City Boys holding you in place. LOL
    Love from Floriida

  2. Mikey the Monster Puppy should meet my three cats. Together, they could completely destroy a Christmas tree in four minutes.

    No snow up here in the TN mountains, but very cold with flurries. Have a great holiday season!

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