Monday, January 15, 2018

Strange Happenings

 The Culprit

Sunday night as I was getting ready for bed the house began to vibrate….now we’ve had small earth quakes in the surrounding area but this was different. It was a vibration with a beat..! A very unusual sound and feel for my neck of the woods…after all we live on the side of a mountain in a county that has less than 27,000 people…

It was sort ‘a like an inner city hip-hop car with a heavy base….

I quickly asked City Boy if he could hear or feel it and of course being almost deaf and half asleep he said..”What sound?”

Well I began to search the house – fearing that it was the HVAC system failing on a night that was already 11* and falling fast. Nope, the system was hard at work and making the normal sounds. By this time City Boy had joined me in the search and we headed back upstairs. We searched each room and found nothing but the vibration.

Finally…..the wall between the sewing room and the great room seemed to be vibrating the most….but….Why?

As we walked away shrugging our shoulders…City Boy yelled…”Wait! What’s this.” Then he picked up the control for his automatic reclining chair and turned off the massage option.

Hallelujah! It stopped…!!

Seems as he was getting up to get a bedtime snack he hit the wrong button…



  1. I love it! I am laughing, I think solving a mystery is great, even if it is a caused mystery. Great entry. Thanks for a smile!!!

  2. That really made me laugh. I have had similar experiences where I have forgotten to turn something off and then hours later I here strange noises. Hahaha

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