Saturday, February 24, 2018

Looking for Advise....

Anybody out there know a way to get a 10 month old puppy weighing 65 lbs to stop chewing up everything?


  1. Duct tape between meals???
    Daddy used a tolled up news paper and gave him a whack.(but didn't tie him to the rail road track) LOL

    Good luck! The dude don't know he won the lottery, huh?

  2. Hot pepper sauce on wood things. Kennel him when not watching him, give him Kongs frozen with peanut butter and whatever is acceptable for him to chew on Good Luck...some dogs just need to chew more than others, Some huge bones from the meat shop:0

    1. the pepper sauce, bones and Kongs...hopefully some of these will work...

  3. My daughter has had a time with her two. They only chew when she leaves them alone too long. She's taken to putting soft muzzles on them. This has worked for her. Eventually they do out grow it!

  4. Same here...I think he has some issues, haven't tried the sot muzzles