Friday, February 23, 2018

TV Makes It Look So Easy...

But...when you work for the park service everyone shows up for tree cutting day..
then you have the planning committee...
once the tree is selected the stabilizing rope is attached
you have a ranger with a chain saw....
a maintenance man that works the come-along...
another maintenance man directing traffic and guarding the driveway...

and at least 3 or 4 support personnel on the sidelines shouting instructions and advise!
They're also there to cheer and clap when the first one comes down!!
Team Work..!!


  1. You are RIGHT, funny how someone else's job looks easy or simple. BUT I have seen it go wrong and it AIN'T no fun when it is on YOUR watch!
    smart planning and the right help is wise!!!

  2. I hopped to you from Kim. All those so qualified men to fell that skinny little branch. I hope a larger tree was felled as well, Love your story telling.