Monday, April 9, 2018

15 minutes later....

When I took the dogs out at 6:40 this morning, Mother Nature was giving us a light cold drizzle...
We came inside and as I was climbing the stairs I noticed it had started to snow and that light drizzle had turned into ice...which was covering the trees, grass, driveway and road....yikes!!
A lot can happen in just a few minutes...!!

It's still snowing......what happened to Spring??


  1. I'm hoping yesterday's snow will be the last of it. We had flurries that left only traces by the drive and around the trees. Sound like you had a lot more. Think Spring !

  2. You gotta love 'em unpredictable NC mountains!

  3. We keep having snow around my place. It's like winter just doesn't want to leave. someone needs to give winter a swift kick in the behind and tell it to leave.

  4. I wonder the same thing, someone is holding spring hostage:(