Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Max has laundry..??!!

Yes ....he does..!
Over the last year Max, who is some where around 11 or 12 years old has developed a love of doggie shirts....
It all started when the groomer suggested we buy him a tight shirt instead of a Thunder shirt.
We were going to try the Thunder shirt because he is terrified of storms..
I happened to have a "Harley Davidson" shirt that i bought for another dog.
Sooooo...we tried it...
Not only did the Harley shirt work but Max fell in love with shirts.....
Now he has these two, plus
his camo VIP shirt (Very Important Puppy) and his Harley Shirt... year he may make it to the runway during Fashion Week...


  1. Who woulda thunk it? Max and shirts. But he does look cool!

  2. Max looks really cool in his shirt.

  3. Not every dog likes shirts, but it is cute that yours does! Must give him a sense of security like swaddling a baby does. What fun to dress a dog !

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