Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Another "Use'ta" Moment

 Today as I was heading into work and I had another use'ta moment.
It's been 12 years since we moved to the Twelve Acre Wood in the high country of North Carolina and there have been many, many changes. 
This use'ta moment hit me when the radio announced that the temp was 59* and I realized that I was wearing jeggings, a tunic style t-shirt and sandals.
In my old life back in Florida 59* was COLD!!
  I'd be in dress pants and a blouse (tucked in), probably wearing socks with a heavy shoes and of course a sweater, maybe even a coat.  
The kids would be getting off the buses and out of cars looking like Dough Boy children, complete with mittens and hats, so heavily suited up they could hardly move.
Today in Florida it'll be somewhere in the 90's.....
I'll take my 59* and sandals.


  1. Well, we are in NC also, but with the present situation mama says, Deltona sure sounds great! hahahaha.
    BUT I really do understand what you are saying, enjoy it.

  2. How cute with your use'ta' moment. Reminds me of my daughter on Easter Sunday with her winter coat on and barefoot with sandals on her feet! She was determined it was Spring ! It's warming up here this week and I too will finally put on my sandals !

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  4. I still have those moments after living in Phoenix for six years. Sure brings back the memories. Have an awesome weekend.