Monday, July 22, 2019


My sweet little laptop, Betty, crashed and burned yesterday afternoon.
Her death was not an unexpected event, after all she had been to the emergency computer clinic several times over the past 2 months.
CityBoy shouted.."Let's go get you a new one!"
Whoa.....hold on to your dollar bills a minute.
CityBoy has 4 laptops..yes..count them...4!
Shimp, Larry , Moe and Curly.
I said ..."why don't I just take Curly and use him?"
but..."he has all that crazy stuff of your dad's on it "...CityBoy stuttered.
Take him to the computer clinic and get him cleaned...easy, peasy....

 Curly has all new programing, Windows 10 and all the other new gadgets.
Curly is now I just need to learn how to use him.

Betty you were one of the good ones.....RIP


  1. When my last one died I did lose some stuff, I THINK!
    Glad Curly was willing to be saved and cleansed, and yeah some of us know what you mean about 'Now to learn to use it.' Facts!@@

  2. R.I.P. Betty! Good luck learning how to use your "new" computer.

  3. My husband has windows 10 and I am lost on his computer! Best of you will miss Betty:)