Friday, November 15, 2019

She Did It Again!

The Female Parental Unit fell and broke the same wrist she broke three years ago.
She really did a good job this time - all the pins and plates from the previous surgery are KAPUT!
The local ortho doctor sent her directly to a hand/wrist specialist in Boone.
The wrist is repairable it's her age and the question of anesthesia the doctors are working out.
to quote the EMT's yesterday
"we're bring in a 89 year old female with a possible broken wrist and she's a Firecracker!!"
I'll keep you posted....


  1. Oh dear, you have a funny way of describing your broken wrist. The Female Parental Unit and "she's a firecracker." Prayers for healing sent your way.

  2. Ouch. Hoping they can put that "firecracker" back together. Sending prayers for your Mom.

  3. It is good to find humor in a terrible thing. BUT knowing how much worst it could have been. I hope in 8 years someone will refer to me as a 'firecracker'. LOL Our best and prayers for mama.
    Sherry & jack (headed for FLA next week, I hope)

  4. So sorry to hear this. Hopefully all will be well soon

  5. So sorry to hear this. Praying she will be okay.