Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Challenge......

Look what i found in the middle of the road.....!!!

Yes peeps......the UPS truck could not make it up my driveway so he called and i said just leave it in the newspaper slot in the mailbox........welll......i forgot the power of the winds and when the male child ventured down the hill the next was in the middle of the road!!

Thank goodness for the snow and very little traffic!!

Anyway.....i had been reading all over quilt bloggerville about the ...

Downy..."Quilts for Kids"...challenge....

Soooo....i took a little hop-skip and jump over to their website and checked it out......

Here's the deal......they send you the pre-cut fabric and pattern for FREE....

you piece.....quilt......and send it back........Easy_Peasy!!

The only cost to you is the batting and shipping back to Quilts for Kids.....

Ordered my quilt last Friday and the UPS guy was calling me on Tuesday....whoa!!

If you think you my like to check this out......go to

It's pre-cut Mom!!.....revive up that sewing machine !....i'm gonna order us more!!

Stay safe and enjoy


  1. How wonderful that you are doing the quilts for kids. It'll be a fun and rewarding thing for sure. Hope you take pictures of the finished quilt.

  2. What a great idea - I will have to check this out and post about it!!!

  3. Okay, I ordered my kit this morning. I don't have any kids fabrics in my stash but next time I'm at Mary Jo's........

  4. I have friends that quilt and I think they might just be interested. I'm going to pass the word on.

  5. I viewed this at the office and some of my staff are very pumped about the Downy project. Bet they get some quilts out of this office! Me? I have thought I could not sew, but maybe I could do this straight-line thing...Thanks for sharing. C

  6. I was just sewing mine last night. Glad to see you are creating one. I am hoping to send them two back. One made out of my stash. I like the idea that they reuse the bags and instructions.

  7. What a lovely thing for you to do ~ Ally x

  8. I don't quilt, but what a great idea that is...and fun for you too. I will tell some people I know that like to quilt. Glad the wind din't carry it to far (o:

  9. I don't quilt but have friends that do and will let them know. Thanks

  10. I saw that on tv. What a wonderful thing for you to do! I think this is indeed a great cause! You rock!