Monday, February 15, 2010

"Hey Mooooommmmmm....!!

Come quick!!

Look out the window....

That white fluffy stuff is falling out of the sky again...!!!


It's snowing again in the North Carolina high country.....

the weather guru's are predicting 3-5 more inches today......

CityBoy is moving his car to the bottom of the drive as i write this.....
he's suppose to work tonight........HA!

That's a Big "MAYBE" at this point....

Who in their right mind would be grocery shopping in the late afternoon during a snow storm...??

Just another question to ponder today......

Stay safe....warm......and enjoy...


  1. The sun is peeking through the trees while the flurries continue swirling. Oh spring,oh spring, where art thou....

  2. We're supposed to get sun later in the day, but, it sure doesn't look like it right now. I hope your weatherman is wrong, and the snow doesn't fall.

  3. We were supposed to get more last night, but it didn't happen...only rain. :-(

  4. This crazy snow...but at least ours melts pretty fast ( :
    I just caught up here...I thought I had you on a list that shows new posts...see how computer dump I am...Loved the pines with snow on them. Loved the post about pain at night. Here's one for you...remember every sickness the kids had seemed to come at night...the screaming ear ache that lasted all night.. don't miss that at all.

  5. We are to get 3-5 more here too. A couple this evening and a couple through the night and maybe 2 more tomorrow...I just don't know where we'll pile up much more. The snow mountains are getting pretty big here. Take good care!

  6. And it is moving on up to the Blue Ridge in mid western Va - been snowing for 2 hours - AGAIN!!!

  7. Beautiful clear blue sky at lunchtime and now grayer then gray here in PA! It is predicted we could have 3-5 inches starting at 4:00...and I do believe they have the time about right. Love your blog entry with your pooch by the cute! Have a great evening, enjoy the snow, we don't have a choice do we LOL?

  8. I hope you didn't get that much snow. A little goes a long way LOL. Our last run didn't show up which suited me fine. Helen

  9. Oh, my, here in the Triad people shop for groceries like a hurricane is coming and they won't ever get to the store again...we just got more of that white stuff...
    Sorry to hear that it is snowing again...we will probably get it tonight since we live about 3 hrs. from the mtns. of west NC.
    Have a warm evening. 12 acres...would love 12 acres of trees....less neighbors...LOL

  10. The snow is always beautiful. Not the most convient wen you need to go, but it is always beautiful.
    There is something majestic about snow on the mountains.
    Stay warm.
    Jack & Sherry in Florida

  11. Hopefully soon you'll be hearing "Hey Mom ... come looks at this big yellow thing in the sky!"


  12. Guess I am in the minority. I love that white stuff but then I don't have to slide to work in it.
    Anyone who has been in a long house bound, power out, spell, will crowd the stores for batteries and non-perishables.
    Florida trained me to be ready year round.
    You have to admit though, this crazy year has been helpful to the ecconomy. Wish I had battery stock.