Friday, February 12, 2010


Remember when we could look out the kitchen window and see this....??

Instead of this...!!

How many inches of snow have you gotten....??

Has cabin fever got'ya yet...??

How many days till Spring.......can any one tell me......??

Hello.....hello......anyone out there ...... ??

Stay safe....warm .....and enjoy...


  1. We haven't gotten as much snow as most parts of the country, but we've gotten more than I've seen in years. Seems like as soon as we get a thaw that lets us see the ground, more snow comes along.

  2. We are still having snow too. Yes I'm counting the days. I think it was 36 today.

  3. I feel badly for you guys. We're not getting nearly as much snow as we would like, while you all are getting buried. Spring will be here soon.

  4. We've had much more snow this year than we have in a long, long time. The Dallas TX area just received a bunch of snow yesterday. Final snow total at DFW airport: 12.5", 13.8" in Keller, and 14.2" in Haslet. It snowed some in OKC according to my son. SO HAPPY it didn't make it this far north!

  5. I've lost track...of everything! We have more snow coming Sunday. Even our daughter in Dallas has a foot of snow this morning to contend with on her commute. This is a crazy winter! Have a Sweet Valentine's Day!

  6. I'm with you on the snow...we've gotten lots this year. Then I was reminded it's great insulation for the strawberry plants and my perennials. It's great for the farmers fields for spring planting. However having said that I'm about ready for spring. Hugs

  7. Hey woman.....I've got
    4&1/2 inches right now and it's still snowing. :)

  8. Waaaaay too much snow. I'm thinkin' 36 days till spring. Nope, no cabin fever, the animals always need feedin' on the Ponderosa and somebody (farm chick) needs to keep the wood supply for the fireplace. I've put my order in to Mother Nature for an early spring!

    God bless and have a cozy Valentine's Day!!!

  9. You already know we have O" of snow so far. That little ice storm two weeks ago doesn't count. But we are getting it today. It hasn't started yet........I'll keep you posted.

    I don't know how many days to Spring but it can't get here fast enough!!

  10. You have way more than we do up here in the Hoosier State. BUT, we were only at 1 degree this morning.

    We had fog, which naturally froze right to the trees making a lovely display of hoar frost. I'll be posting pictures of that soon.

    I love your view BOTH WAYS!!!

  11. This is the most snow N. Ark. has gotten and I am thrilled. If I get cabin fever, I just go outside and shovel a necessary path or take a walk. Right now our last snow is almost gone and I am so sorry.
    Snow brings out the 6 year old in me. It is still a novelty for us. My farther north friends are crying big time. They have had enough.

  12. We have no snow here in California, but I love to look at the snow-tree pictures.