Sunday, February 14, 2010

Midnight Hour......

I've got a question.....

What is it with this mid-night hour know those darkest hours.....??!!

Why do the high winds come at night......?

Why do the hurricanes make land-fall at night......?

Why do the really heavy snow storms arrive at night.....?

Why did my labor pains start at night.....?

Why did my gall bladder attach my body during the dark hours......?

Why do the my worst migraine pains grab my head at night.......?

All these mysterious pains and happenings that in the day light we would take in stride and work thru......

And why did i wake at 2:30 AM with a pain in my left hip sooooo bad that i thought of waking CityBoy for a trip to the ER......honestly i thought i had broken my hip just laying in bed....!!

Then i heard the wind.....looked out the window........saw the snow falling....realized there was a cloud cover over the moon......

....took two Advil.......turned onto my right side......and went back to sleep

Stay warm and Enjoy


  1. Why do children's fevers and sickness spike at nigh? Hope your hip stops paining you.

  2. Good questions. I hope someone knows the answers. Hope you're feeling better this morning.

  3. I do hope you are feeling better for sure. I often have to switch sides during the night to give the other hip a rest. You are right all those things seem to happen during the night. Thank goodness for another day!

    Happy Valentines Day!

  4. Let me know when you find the answers to those questions. I have a theory. Maybe it all happens at night because we actually slow down enough to let our bodies accept one more thing.

  5. Now that it is daylight, I hope all is well with the world again and pain is gone.
    I'm sure there is a scientific explanation, I just don't know it.
    Happy daylight.

  6. You are so right one with this - everything DOES happen at night. Probably the reason I don't like nighttime.

  7. I don't know about hurricanes always making landfall at night - - - that may not ACTUALLY be the case, it may just FEEL that way.

    BUT - - - as to why storms come more often at night or in the evening - - - THAT one I can help you with. Wind is a result of two air masses of different pressures next to each other. The low pressure mass rises and the high pressure rushes in to take it's place - - - the result of all that air movement is what we call wind.

    Since air masses warm/cool because of "bumping" into the land below them (also from sunlight being absorbed directly by the air) they tend to warm/cool with the land below them. Since the land cools QUICKLY when the sun sets - - - the air over that land cools, becomes more dense, and creates wind as it moves over to take the place of warm air that rose.

    That's why many storms happen in the evening - - - when all that temperature shifting is going on.

    Have a happy Valentine's Day, and if your questions were simply rhetorical, forgive this old science teacher for ANSWERING them anyway! heheheheheheheh

    Oh - - - and you are in the MOUNTAINS - - - and that adds a whole other dimension to the air moving at night thing - - - - the top of the mountain cools quickly at night, making the air there less dense, it rises and PULLS the valley air UP the mountain - - - more wind.

  8. Keetha is pretty smart - sounds like she should be called 'the answer woman"! Have a happy Valentines Day!



  10. I know exactly what you mean. Another thing I noticed when my kids were still at home - they only got sick enough to need a dr (but not really sick enough for the ER) just after the Dr's offices closed for the weekend on Friday afternoon. Back then there wasn't after-hours clinics.

  11. All very good questions...Hmmmm