Saturday, February 6, 2010

View from the Ice Bowl......

Actually...this is the view from the back door......from the bottom of the drive way.....

"The Ice Bowl"

My poor little's got a topping of snow.....

View to the left....there use'ta be a gentle downward slope to a dry creek bed....

Ahhhhhh......maybe i'll find it again in Spring.....

Hello.....big-tall fur trees.....

How do you like your coating of snow and ice..??

Note pitch of driveway.......this is about halfway down.....on the curve....

Good Morning......hard woods....!

Having trouble holding up your branches today...?

Almost to the top of the driveway......

Don't think we'll be putting the cars in the garage for a few days.....

And it's still snowing..!!

Stay warm and Enjoy


  1. BRRRRRRRR! Makes me want another cup of hot coffee! It really is beautiful though! Stay warm, dry and off the ice woman! :)

  2. As nasty as it sounds...the trees are absolutely beautiful. Thanks for sharing pics...Enjoy the view.

    Happy Weekend ~Natalie

  3. Absolutely beautiful, but I know you must be ready for Spring! I know I am!

  4. Ahhhh, so beautiful, but, so dangerous. Stay home today. But, I probably don't need to tell you that.

  5. I'm bemoaning 8 or 9 inches here in Ohio. You poor thing. I do hope your cupboards are well stocked and you have power. I praying for every ones' safety in this storm. Take good care! 'On Ya'-ma

  6. You guys are sure getting the snow this year. Stay safe. Hugs

  7. Do you know what all this says to me.....cabin fever..... We are preparing for round 2 this weekend on the coast of VA. I had terrible cabin fever last weekend.

  8. Our trees look like that too but we didn't get near the snow you have. It's so pretty. And I am so ready for spring!

    Beautiful pictures as usual.

  9. We just went into town, Boone, roads were in fairly good shape but it was snowing. Lokks like a winter wonderland with the snow and ice in the trees.

  10. That is alot of snow! Sure looks beautiful. I am not sure I could live there though. I think a dusting of snow would be good enough for me. How long did it take you to adjust?

  11. We're supposed to get more snow on Monday. I wanted a white Christmas. I've got to remember to be careful what and how much I ask for.

  12. It looks absolutley lovely but i don't want it over here thank you, keep it please.

  13. Beautiful! At least your snow stays pretty.

  14. I never tire of pics of Blue Ridge snow! I live too far south to get to experience it often, but love our trips to the mountains. Your shots are beautiful! I'll be visiting the mountains often - through your blog!