Monday, February 8, 2010

In Between.....

Yep....we're in between snow storms....
Time to take stock and re-stock.....

So.....there's CityBoy...breaking up the ice on the curve in the driveway....

In an attempt to get the car back up to the house......

That way i don't have to walk down the drive........ahhhhh!!

Seems there is something at Radio Shack in Boone that he can't live without.....
knew there was another reason for the shoveling....

Then it's off to the bank ...... post office ...... the food store for me ..... exercise for him ...... the library, maybe ....... the electric company....... know the routine......

'Cause....there's another one on the way...!!!

Stay warm and Enjoy


  1. Oh dear. This has surely been a cold and snowy winter for most of us!

    I think some soup and hot cocoa is in order. Stay warm and try to have fun in the white stuff.

  2. We are getting more snow today, 4"--6" they are saying. It's been a snowy winter for Arkansas too. I have made ALL of my wintertime favorite dishes, yet Mother Nature continues to give me more winter! What to fix today???

  3. We are finally getting a dose of what everyone has been dealing with forever. I truly thought it might just ignore us this year... but noooooooooooooooo

    Love the pictures.

  4. Stay Warm and stay safe ~ It is snowing here again I thought we had seen the last of the white stuff :o) Ally x

  5. Our nine inches just melted and we are gettin' pelted again her on the Ozarks Ponderosa. I want my spring! I want warm weather, swimming and beautiful flower gardens again! Whew, I'm so glad I got that out of my system. Heeeheehe!

    Ya'll have a greatly blessed day!!!

  6. Can you believe it?!! I would wave the white flag of surrender but I don't think that Mother Nature could see it! Be safe going out!

  7. Hi there, What a man you have-just so you don't have to walk down to the car. Make the most of clear weather(whatever that is)by running those errands. We had snow yesterday-very light and again today. My hubby got out and shoveled our driveway too. We are blessed. Stay warm and be safe driving.
    Hugs, Noreen

  8. Oh yes, here it comes again. We are to get another 6-10 inches of snow they say

  9. I'm having a hard time with another 12 plus inches on top of the 21 we got on Saturday. I'll be running to the store tomorrow morning for sure.

  10. WOW you are sure socked in with the snow. What crazy, crazy weather the States have had this year. In Oklahoma our area is just out of where they are predicting snow today. But, another possibility on Thursday. Stay safe and warm.♥

  11. I can't even tell that is a driveway (o:
    imagine what the pioneers felt like.
    we have snow today but the news said we will also have a big warm up...that is what is wonderful about comes and it goes.... doesn't usually stick around long

  12. LindaMay, you got a whopping lot of snow there!! A big storm is heading that way, just passed over us in the last 2 days. We recieved 12"....and it's STILL snowing!!!! Get your supplies and stay in. It's a big un'.

  13. I have always loved winter and still do, but my patience right now is wearing a bit thin.