Saturday, February 13, 2010

Thanks Canada......

Last night i stayed up to watch the opening ceremonies of the 2010 Olympics.....


It was one of the best programs ever....!!

It inspired me to add some new experiences to the Bucket List......

I now want too ......

dance with the four tribes....

swim with the whales....

play and dance with the fiddlers....

fly on a wire with the young man from the circus....

ski the Rockies....

carry the flag with Donald...

have hair like the opera singer...

carry a torch with Wayne.....

and light a fire....!!

Oh Yeah.......i'd also like to hockey......curl.....and all those other winter sports...

But......i'm fast approaching the Big 60 and the body just doesn't have an interest in sports anymore.......except from the bleachers or couch....

So i guess i'll just light the fire.......i've got a remote control for the gas fireplace.....!! all my Canadian blogger friends out there.....


Stay safe....warm....and enjoy tthe little peak at spring on the top....


  1. My favorite was the fiddlers and dancers. It was a sad day to loose one of the athletes. I feel so bad for them.

  2. The whales blew me away. The whole show was wonderful. Canada did itself proud last night.

  3. Interesting, as a Canadian I didn't watch it, don't plan to watch the Olympics and truly have no interest in it. I'm glad though that they put on a great show for everyone who watched. Hugs

  4. I love your bucket list. I need to make one.

  5. I missed the ceramonies. I forgot they were on!

  6. I forgot to watch it so can't comment.... thanks for relaying to us how wonderful it was. Wish I had tuned in!

    The Blue Ridge Gal
    (Yay, Canada! We love our neighbors to the north!!)

  7. I heard some of the sports pundits on ESPN say that "no one watches the Olympics."

    I SHOUTED at my TV: "I do!!!"

    And now I know there are TWO of us who do - - - you and I.


    I didn't watch all the opening ceremonies last night, but I really like watching the competitions.

  8. Don't cross the whole list off just yet, only near 60? Gotta a lot of time.

    Just checking to see if the now had hit again and snowed you under!!!
    great entry,
    Sherry & Jack in chilly Florida

  9. That was 'snow has hit', Sherry wasn't close enought to proof the comment. ha!

  10. I had recorded the ceremonies because I was so tired last night. I watched until the US came in and fell asleep. After reading your post this morning I had to go back and watch the rest of it. It was awesome. Can you imagine being there?

  11. It was a wonderful show and one of the few times I can remember ever being unable to even stitch with the television being on!! I was mesmerized - and oh, so proud to be Canadian!

  12. I too enjoy my sports from a comfortable chair in front of the tv. I do wish I had a fire with a remote control...I'll add that one to my bucket list.
    Happy Valentines Day!