Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Night Owl...Use'ta Be...??

I use'ta be a night my old life....

I'd stay up and watch my good buddies Jay......Dave and sometimes Conan....
then drag myself into work the next day and have a hard time understanding why no one else had seen the hottest new starlet on TV last was worth staying up for....

But since moving to the high country.....i've discovered "MORNINGS!!"

The quite.....the solitude.....the time to think......the time to pray......the time to watch and wait for the daily activities to begin......the AM wildlife......the Today Show, GMA and the Early Show.....and fresh hot coffee on the front porch......and how can you argue with a sunrise like that!!

It's worth getting up for!



  1. That has happened to me!! I am up at the crack of early - sometimes before the sun!!! Inside Edition at midday is my only connection to the latest starlet or Hollywood doings anymore!!Local news and GMA- !!
    It's the good country living- and the critters that need early morning care!!

  2. I do agree with you. When we are at our campsite, my DD and her hubby like to stay up late and sleep in. Me, I go in early and enjoy the sunrise each morning. How wonderful it is. Thank goodness we have seperate campers. Have a great Wednesday!

  3. What is that??? I have it too! Mornings are the best! And yes, I use to stay up waaaay too late and get up early...Now if I stay up too late, I can't get my thoughts together all day! It's just a good thing that I love mornings!!

  4. Yep,I used to be one of those night owls!Now in the traditional farmer way,I go to bed with the chickens! I am too pooped to catch Leno,even in his new early time slot!

  5. I seem to function better in the early morning too.

  6. I loved this post!! Being a night owl I miss so much in the mornings. Hugs

  7. I CAN be a night owl - - - IF I don't have to get up at an early hour. BUT, since returning to teaching full time, I'm falling asleep in my chair by 6:30 or 7. Pitiful - - - just plain pitiful!

  8. I still love to stay up... and read... don't like those shows (o:
    Not a morning person still... maybe someday.