Saturday, February 20, 2010

Check my hearing......please!!

What ...... what...... is that water i hear....??!!

Is that water i hear dripping down the drain pipes....??!!

Is that snow and ice i hear falling of the trees.....??!!

Look i can see the rock on the driveway......i can almost hear all that gravel smiling at the sun....

Yes......we're in a melt down.......

Weather guru's are predicting a high temp in the 50's for today and tomorrow....

The "D" brothers are coming to dig out the parental units drive this AM and then the "MAJOR" shopping trip will begin...!!

Wal*Mart start stocking those shelves.....we're on the way!!

Woo Hoo.....gott'a find my Bermuda shorts and sandals!!



  1. We hit 50 last Thursday and it was wonderful! Enjoy the sun and the shopping.

  2. We are at 23 degrees right now but after a cloudy start the sun is supposed to come out and a little more snow will melt here too. Enjoy your shopping. After being snow bound you'll really enjoy being out and about and so will everyone else too. It'll be a busy day at the stores for sure.

  3. I have the Mother of all icicles hanging from a corner of my roof. There are little drip, drips coming from the tip of it. That baby is going to make one heck of a crash when it comes down. Only up to 34 or 35 degrees here today, but that will keep the drip, drips coming.

  4. Enjoy your day out with your family. Helen

  5. Glad to hear yall are in a melt down!

  6. I bought 2 pair of bermudas this week/ha Optimist here!!!!

  7. LOL!!! Don't get TOO excited TOO fast - - - March isn't here yet. You know how we get "Indian Summer"? Well - - - I think we can have an "Indian Winter" too.

    Just a little warning so you don't get TOOOO bummed if it happens - - -

  8. Yeah! Spring is on the way! Well,hopefully anyways!