Sunday, February 21, 2010

Digging out......

Woo Hoo!! come the "D" Brothers...!!

Could this be the same feeling the settlers got when the Calvary appeared on the horizon as the Indian were surrounding the wagons..??

They're gonn'a dig out the parental units.....!!

Mom and Dad's cars have been out of the garage twice.....lets count that.....2 times!!
Since December 18th.....
Talk about good gas mileage!!

Look at all that wonder i couldn't get my truck up there this time...

In my mind i keep hearing that children's song....

"the treads on the crawler go.....clank...clank....clank....

Clank.....clank.....clank ~~~~~~clank...clank....clank!!


Well....anyway they're free.....!!!

Free to come and go when they want...!!

Better hurry.........more snow tomorrow night......



  1. Glad you were able to dig out before the next one comes. We're supposed to have freezing rain tonight and tomorrow morning then more snow for the rest of the week.

  2. Isn't that a great feeling? We're getting snow tomorrow night that is supposed to turn to rain after we have several inches on the ground. THAT'S going to be fun to shovel.

  3. Can you hear it calling the is wal-mart! Quickly while there is still time!

  4. Oh my! It's been absolutely beautiful here the past couple of days. It's definitely gave me spring fever.

  5. So how many pallettes of groceries did you buy? lol Wow you have a lot of snow! Hope it missed you this time.

  6. If I lived in the setting you live in, I wouldn't care if I was dug out or not. LOL

  7. Bet your Mom and Dad are ready to go for a drive, huh?