Sunday, February 28, 2010

For all of you......

....that wanted my Matzo Ball soup recipe....

I cheat..!!'s semi-homemade....

I use the Manschewitz Matzo Ball & Soup mix......comes in a nice little box and the cost is next to kind'a deal!!

Now the directions call for 2 1/2 quarts of water....which comes out to roughly 10 cups.......not enough taste for i use 6 cups of chicken soup broth and 4 cups of water, plus the soup mix in the package....

Also...the directions instruct you to cool the mixed matzo mix for 15 minutes.........nagh!.....give it 45 minutes to an hour........mix is easier to handle......

And make those little balls about the size of a giant marble (i usually get 10-12 little matzos)....they puff-up real big and if they are too thick the centers will be hard and chewy......ugh!!

Just for fun ..... if i have carrots, onions or celery in the refrig.....i chop some up and throw it in.....

Matzo Ball soup is a very tasty-light soup.......great for a first course at a holiday meal....

And great for what "ails ya!"....... you've heard all the Jewish Penicillin jokes...!!


More snow on the way......gott'a run to the Wal*Marts.......


  1. Thanks for the recipe. I'll remember to make some next time the aches chills and runny nose come my way. I'll put it on my shopping list so I'll have on hand...maybe I won't wait, I'll just make it anyway.
    Have a fun trip to Walmart! I'm going to visit my newest grandson today. Born this morning!

  2. After reading about your soup yesterday, I made chicken noodle soup for we "sickies" here - - - I guess that's the Hoosier version of Matso Ball soup.


  3. If my step mom were still alive, I'd make it for her, it was her favorite.
    I'm am not a soup person so will pass this time but will book mark it incase I get the punies.

  4. I do believe I can handle that. Thanks!

  5. I tried my own version of this soup today with little egg noodles. Next time I will use the matzo crumbs and make the balls from scratch not from the mix. The mix was a tad salty for me. Other than that it was delish.