Thursday, February 25, 2010

In the Mail.......

"Icy Hot" is in the mail and on it's way to a child somewhere.....

The main fabric was an ice hockey theme.......hence the name...

The colors were the best!! and a backing of orange/red strip

I loved it...!!

Here it is ready to be mailed.....

Hey!!...there's my name plate.....ripped that sucker off the door the day i retired!!
I earned was coming with me!!

Anyway......mailed the quilt off yesterday.....came home and order another!!

Guess what...!!??

It's snowing!!



  1. That quilt is beautiful. It is going to make some child very happy.

  2. Oh LindaMay that is just AWESOME!! I must have missed the post explaining where it's going?? Is it a charity? Well done friend. Some little one is going to be THRILLED with that quilt. Blessings~Sharon

  3. Great job on the quilt and I think it was less than a week that it took you to do it all too. I am constantly amazed at how fast you, and a few other quilters I know too, get things done. It is snowing here and we expect 6-12 more inches by tomorrow evening. It just keeps on keeping on. Have a THANKFUL Thursday!

  4. Hi LindaMay....never mind about the questions, I found the post explaining the project. I have just ordered a kit myself! Thanks so much for introducing it to me!
    Hugs Sharon

  5. It's beautiful! That's so sweet of you!

  6. The recipient of the quilt is just going to love it. So bright and colorful, who wouldn't?

    There's a small amount of snow forecast for this area for tomorrow. I hope the forecast is wrong.

  7. Love, love, love the colors. Beautiful quilt. Where do you order it from? I took my name plate too.

    You're kidding... it's snowing? lol

    Beautiful sunshine but cold here.

  8. That looks great!! I have some of the same colors in my package - altho mine is race cars!! I am going to work on mine this weekend!!

  9. Love the quilt! It's snowing here today too.

  10. The quilt is beautiful. Sounds like you really had fun making it too. Those doggies look cute and warm (o:

  11. Incredible quilt; what a blessed child to sleep under such love.

  12. The child who gets that will have bragging rights. Really nice.
    I stole my name plate also. I mean, what could they possible use it for?