Friday, February 19, 2010

The Perch....

This is Mia's perch...

When ever i'm in the kitchen....doesn't matter what i'm doing....

This is where she plops herself in the hopes of catching anything and everything that hits the floor...

Some days i believe she is a first cousin to Miss Piggy...

Boy!!....can this girl catch and eat crumbs......

(please excuse "sweats"....had just come in from shoveling snow)

Look there she is!!

"Drop it......Mommy......Drop it!!

Watch how quick i am!!

See how clean i keep the floor"

Stay warm and enjoy


  1. It takes true talent to catch food on the fly. You have a valuable dog there.

  2. She's is always good.

  3. How cute she is. I miss those furr babies that would keep my floor clean. Now I have to do it myself. Company in the kitchen like that just can't be beat. We have reprieve here they say. No more snow til Sunday! Hope you do too! The sun is shining here this morning!

  4. Awwwww Mia is just too CUTE!! She knows where that good food is! I just LOVE your header picture....what a BEAUTIFUL spot to live!!

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend.♥

  5. She is a good cleanup dog LOL. AS cold as it is there in that snow sweats would be warm all the time. Helen

  6. That's cute Linda may! Excuse the sweats? I live in them year around! HA!

  7. Our Elliott does the exact same thing.

  8. My Chi's do the same thing....they are little vacuum cleaners......

  9. Ours can almost hear the drop of food before it hits the floor.

  10. lol my Chahuahua jumps into her bed, knowing I can't resist when he is a good boy. He won't catch the food though, he just ducks.
    Mia is so cute!

  11. My dogs do the same thing! LOL

  12. Mia looks a bunch like Susie, the Toy Fox Terrier we had growing up. Similar waist lines also. She had 10 tricks she knew and would do them all for one Wheatie. Food rules.
    Ah... you mean sweats aren't "dress up" there??

  13. I sure wish I had an automatic spill cleaner-upper.

    These cats are worthless when it comes to that!

    Happy Weekend ~Natalie

  14. That is really lovely ~ Nin and Barney keep out kitchen floor clean ~ Ally x