Friday, June 4, 2010

Another Critter......

(Thanks Goggle search for Picture)

One of these lovely little critters was sitting by the Ranger Station backdoor this morning.

An Imperial Moth....

...ain't he pretty...?

It's another beautiful day in the high country.....sooooo....i'm taking this afternoon off ...just for me....I'd like to spend the afternoon with Mother Nature....but...i'll probably spent it with Wally*World......the library.....and grocery shopping....cause i gotta work this weekend.... :(

TGIF........and Enjoy


  1. I've never seen a live one of those moths. Isn't it beautiful, though? That's a lot of quilting you have set yourself to do. Just keep that mojo going, and you'll get there, eventually.

  2. I've captured photos of butterflies while on my hikes. I need to Google what is the difference between a moth and a butterfly.

  3. When you have to work on the weekend life does get very busy. Hope you can take 10 minutes first to enjoy nature and then go rushing off to do the errands. You'll be better for it. Of course when you live where you do the sights are beautiful all around you. Have a fantastic Friday!

  4. Wally World - now that's a great way to spend a wonderful afternoon. :)

  5. Neat shot. One interesting critter. They seen not to have a rhyme nor reason for the directions they go, but I am sure they do.
    YOu will enjoy the weekend I am sure, even at work!
    From down here, LOve