Wednesday, June 2, 2010

It Might Be Back......

......the quilting mojo...that is...!!
Saturday after i checked the mail and found the table runner from the female child..
Inspiration hit and i finished quilting this table runner for my all i have to do is trim and bind ......maybe we'll have a finished piece by this weekend....woohoo!!

Then i can move on to the 2 memory quilts for my co-worker...the squares are almost done and it's a shouldn't take me long to finish....

Hey ....there's my pressure- canner.....need to use that , too

Here's one of the two "Quilts For Kids" i need to finish...

This one's sandwiched and penned...just need to quilt...and bind....

Here's the other "Quilts For Kids"....tops done....need to do all the rest know....sandwich...pen...quilt....bind....the usual....

And here's all the wonderful stuff i brought home from the shop hop way-back in March.....gott'a do something with this....!!!

Uck-Oh........i feel the mojo leaving again!!


Ps....female child's table runner was made out of her scrap bag, using her own idea of Stacked's now on my table...just hung it on the quilt rack to take pictures.....


  1. Just looking at quilts and reading about it brings back memories of a quilting frame that was raised to the ceiling of the living room when not in use. It seemed a never ending thing, mama's quilting. I remember only a few quilting parties, but they were fun for us kids while the ladies quilted and talked.

    Mama could get lost in work and thoughts all alone, I think it was her therapy.
    Enough, have a great day.

  2. Mojo is right. You are very busy. Summer has put a crimp in my quilting but I am going to at it today. Lovely item you brought back. How fun.

  3. I always enjoy seeing photos of your projects. I'd love to have a table runner like that.

  4. Oh my you are getting it back for sure! Lots and lots to do there. I guess you just needed a break. Hope your Thursday is a great one. It's raining here. It was supposed to stay in southern Ohio today so I came to the camper which is south of home but it's raining here...

  5. I have missed the quilting mo jo! You always make beautiful items.

  6. I so understand
    it happens to me with scrap booking
    I want to do it and when I start
    I am on a roll
    that is until something makes me feel overwhelmed
    it doesn't take much (o:

  7. I love the table runner. I love table runners. Do you take orders?
    Have a good Friday.

  8. You do good work there, human, I'm so impressed with your hard work...Daddy Ron loves quilts and always had one on his bed as a child...very nice!

  9. I love the table runner!

    PS Do you think your dogs would want to come to California? :)