Monday, June 7, 2010


...way back on May 10th....we planned the container garden and i didn't give it much hope...due to the lack of the green thumb gene in my DNA....??

Well......look what happened in four short weeks........
The tomatoes have tripled in size....

Way down at the end the zucchini and the pepper plant are growing like crazy.....

Look........a baby zucchini....!

and 'maters.....!!

Something seems to be different this year....!!

I thought that was just fungus on my thumb......
Maybe it's really turning green....
I'll keep you posted!



  1. I can just about taste those 'maters!

  2. You're going to eat good this summer!

  3. Wow...impressive! Good luck with that great looking garden!

  4. Like Holly said "WOW" they are some great plants you have there ~ Ally x

  5. That is one healthy container garden. Nothing like fresh off the vine tomatoes in a salad.

  6. Great to see your garden growing. I guess there is hope for us all now! I just got back home for a couple of days. You might know it is a gorgeous sunny day, but then I can enjoy that at home too! Hope your Monday has been a great one!

  7. YOu are having good luck witht he containers, Ours just died away, so I transferred it to the ground, it still looks like it is on it's last leg. hahahahahah
    Nice Zucinni!

  8. You just reminded me to buy tomato cages tomorrow for my plants. Have a good week.

  9. Those look great. Wondering what you are doing to grow such beautiful lush plants. My former container tomatoes never looked anything like that. Helen

  10. Look's very nice! Good luck!