Friday, June 18, 2010

Another Save.....maybe(?)

You know.... when the "Holiday Season" hits and those pots of various colored poinsettia begin to appear on the shelves....?
You know.... your all "in the spirit"...and can't resist buying a least one or two....
They're cheap and look so cute on the table...under the tree...or on the hearth....
You know...... after "the spirit" is gone and the leaves begin to fall toss it in the trash can....out in the yard.....or out in the field next door....
After was cheap...!

Well......this year i took my $2.50 Wal*Mart poinsettia and trimmed off all the dead leaves .....stuck it in a corner of the dining room and.....i must be honest.....

Forgot about it!!!

.....occasionally ....when i looked at it.....i'd give it a little taste of water......

In my planting frenzy this year ...... i grabbed it potted it in the "good" soil and placed it on the front porch......

Looks like it may survive........Maybe?



  1. Well, now I feel guilty. I've tossed mine even the pretty pink ones.

  2. To the Saviour or the Plants. Congratulations. Some of my best work is by accident!
    Have a great weekend!

  3. Wow! I kept mine going up until March this year and finally, reluctantly, put it in the trash can. Next time I'll cut it back like you did yours and see what happens.

  4. How fun to save it like that
    I need to get more into container gardening (o:

  5. Nicely done. It is looking good.

  6. I've had one grow for several years but rarely did it bloom again. However I didn't re pot it and I probably should have. They are suppose to do well outdoors but never tried it either. It'll be interesting to see how yours does. Hope your Saturday is a great one!

  7. Looks like a keeper to dau in law puts hers in the yard each spring...some bloom..some just add greenery...she says they are cheap fillers for the yard LOLOL...and we have lotsa blooms on our veggie plants...and tomatoes about golf ball size...some grape tomatoes or cherries are ripening...they never make it into the kitchen LOL..eaten on the spot you might say...I love raised gardens here and there about the yard...they seem easier for me to handle...well I ramble again LOL..God Bless....hugs from Ora in KY

  8. You see them growing over 6ft tall outside in gardens in Los Angeles. Good for you to try keeping it alive. Now will you keep us updated?--Inger