Friday, June 25, 2010


....and who knew...!!!
Well...Cityboy came home last night with "Root Rot" spray....
So tonight the baby 'maters will get spritzed...and then we'll cross our fingers, pray and hope for the best....
And as Cityboy was leaving the farm store yesterday......the gentleman behind the counter said.........
"Ya know.....if ya put egg shells in the dirt when you plant ....this won't happen....."
So next year.......if i do this again.....(isn't that what i said this year?)
We'll add egg shell to the "things i need" list....
This could cause a problem........i'm allergic to eggs and the male units in my house don't like eggs!!
Does this mean i need to get chickens....!!??
All i wanted was home grown 'Maters......


  1. Hahaha...maybe you can ask your neighbors to save you the their eggshells. Good luck with that!

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  3. Ahhh, the trials of being the farmer. Egg shells must take cre of many sins. In the navy they sometimes put egg shells in the coffee grounds to remove bitterness.
    I did it once because the Chief said so, I couldn't tell the difference. Hey, just keep the spray! hahahahaha!
    Have a great weekend!!!!

  4. Well who would have thought it? I agree with Messy Missy bet someone would save some shells for you.

  5. Hi there, Thank you for sharing this info-my daughter had this happen to her tomatoes last year and we couldn't figure it out so now I can tell her just to put egg shells around her plants-hope it isn't too late.

  6. I'm sure you can find some willing campers there that will save egg shells for you. Once they've been emptied out they'll keep for a long time. I remember when we used to blow out the center and decorate the egg shells (empty). We tried to keep them but over they years they all got broken. I'm hoping your Friday is a great one, especially since the tomatoes have been saved.

  7. Since it's the calcium the tomatoes need, can't you just add bone meal to the soil when you're amending it? That should have calcium in it.

  8. That is a good tip. Do you have anymore garden wisdom?

  9. Don't feel bad ours aren't doing well either. Never heard of putting eggshells in but I will start saving them up. Like the others said ask your neighbors to save them for you. Take Care :)

  10. DO your parental units eat eggs?