Wednesday, June 2, 2010


.....what was in the mailbox for me on Saturday....!
A "Mother's Day" gift from the female child.....woohoo!!

I think it's made from a Moda charm pack....Zippity Do-Dah...

and i'm not sure if it's a pattern or her own creation....

but....i don't care about the pattern or the fabric....

She made it for me...!!!....just me!!!

Her Mom ....who taught her the curse of most women early in life...

What ...!!?? don't know about the curse.... goes like this....

"May you grow up to have children just like you"

and she did..!!

My job is done!

Thanks sweetheart.......i love it....



  1. Great, and a good time.

    So now you qualify as a philosopher.

    We all love this entry, even if it is 'insight' for girls only!!!!
    Hope your weather is great on top of the mountains, both mentally and physically.

    From down in the piedmont

  2. 'Tis lovely! My Mother used to say that to me. But, I fooled her. My only children are four-leggers.

  3. How wonderful! I love it when our children do us proud. It's true...I've said the same to mine. If they were like me I wouldn't have anything quilted though. Have a wonderful Wednesday! I'm sure you will.

  4. Beautiful quilt, my oldest son just bought a house, he is now out playing in the dirt and with the rocks like his mother, who knew!

  5. It's beautiful and you have a wonderful and talented daughter.

  6. What a great gift
    your daughter really came through
    I love gifts from my daughter (o:

  7. How sweet! I love it! It's absolutely beautiful!

  8. So much better than flowers or card...a gift truly of hand and heart.

  9. Mom- made from scraps! Can you believe it?? Me neither. Inspiration from "Stacked Coins"
    PS- you can also use it as a table runner :)