Thursday, June 24, 2010

OMG....Blossom Rot......!!!

I knew it.....i knew it!!
It was too good to be true..!!
I knew something would go wrong...!
Yesterday morning....... while checking out my "baby 'maters".....
I discovered..... balck....soft....spots on the bottom...!!
When i got to work.... i grilled all the "good old boys" about the plight that had taken over my 'maters.....
Well....i got everything from......blight to fungus to.... i don't know....never happened to me....
Enter "Goggle".....i goggled it...!!
It's "Blossom Rot"
I need calcium chloride or calcium nitrate.....
Cityboy is rushing to the farm/garden store first thing this AM....
Gott'a save my babies.....!!
I just wanted home-grown 'maters....not a science project...!!


  1. I know this isn't funny for you to be GOING through - - - but I just gotta tell ya, the way you talked about it gave me a good chuckle this morning.

    Hope you get that 'mater sandwich from a large, juicy, grown by your own hand 'mater SOON

  2. I've found that usually blossom end rot only affects the first fruits, then disappears.

  3. I hate bloom rot. It has been cold here this year, my to tomatoes are still green.

  4. I do hope you can save them matters. I know I'm looking forward to our first home grown ones. We just have blossoms on our plants right now. Hope your Thursday is a great one and City Boy saves the day.

  5. Being a farmer is frustrating, ain't it!

  6. Too bad -- I'm sorry, it can be so frustrating, but you shared it with a good sense of humor. I had to chuckle too. Good luck with the chemical stuff.

  7. so sorry for your loss 'cause there is nothing better then a homegrown tomato on a BLT. My chile petine peppers turned black instead of red.