Sunday, June 20, 2010

Another Road Trip........

Yesterday...the male child and i ventured out to the big city of Hickory and beyond....
Riding along on US 321

We checked out the Petco and Pet Smart....

Seems the salt water ecosystem needs more give it more color.....hummmmm...

We finally ended at a small fish store call Dav's the small town of Maiden...
(please don't ask me for directions)

It took a GPS and an iPod to find the store....

But the male child found what he wanted and that's the name of the game!

Then we ventured back home on US 16.......a straight hair pen stop and go quick changes of the speed visitors from other steep drop offs.......just beautiful land.....and a vast array of crops.....

With the Eagles playing on the stereo.......US 16 has now become my travel choice.....



  1. Sounds like a very enjoyable day. Nothing like a road trip to get you going.

  2. At first glance, it looks like your beautiful header photo has a hot air balloon but no, it's the hummingbird feeder!

  3. Sounds like you had a great trip ~ glad the Male Child found what he wanted ~ The trip back home sounds great ~and yes I would make that my Travel Choice :o) ~ Ally x

  4. Sherry and I are laughing. WE were on the bump bump if I40. I saw #16 to TAylorsville and quickly swung off on the exit. YES it was a beautiful drive, we were both commenting on it. so much so I missed the turn to Lenoir and had to go back. hahahahaha!
    enjoyed the post!

  5. How lovely the tank looks with all the added color. Those hair pin roads are something I only remember from visiting my grandparents and haven't had to travel one in a long time. I hope your Sunday is a great one!

  6. I like those kinds of roads when I am trying to get from Point A to Point B in a minimal amount of time...if not, give me some country back roads!

  7. Love the Eagles and country roads...perfect blend of harmony!

  8. 16 is much better than 321 out of boone.....I grew up a bit south of Maiden in Lincolnton. Keep on on 321 and and you would have ran into Lincolnton. Small towns, gotta love em.