Friday, June 11, 2010

What's Happening.......

....well.....the mountains are in full bloom....
....the first garden fresh veggies are being picked for some good home cook'n...
....the weather is beautiful...high 70's and low 60's....with just enough rain....
...the river is above normal depth and running at a gentle rate....great for tubing...!
....the guest cabin has been cleaned and is waiting for you....
Come visit the high country....!!


  1. I love the guest cabin, it is a wonder there is ever a vacancy. Love the weather report.
    Have a blessed weekend coming up, we have one graduating in the morning.

  2. The high county there is beautiful. It's a blessing to have a day without rain. I hope your Friday is a great one!

  3. Things sure are looking good in the high country!

  4. Oh my goodness but it's lovely there LM! Just beautiful!! Love the guest cottage! Perfect! Put Pa and my name in for July!!! Can watch the fireworks through the slats!!

  5. What is that flower? It's beautiful. I'd guess Mountain Laurel, but I always thought that was white.

    It is so beautiful where you live. Glad that guest cabin is ready, 'cause I'm coming down! ;-D

  6. The cabin looks just right for us. My hubby and I always joke about the run down buildings when we are out and driving about. That they would be our next home with lots of free air conditioning. I love the look of old buildings.

  7. I'm packing now!
    Does the cabin have air?

  8. How loveky it all sounds! And the guest cabin will be full for the rest of the summer, I'm sure.--Inger

  9. You should be a bed and breakfast. I would love to come for a day and check out the beauty you get to see everyday.