Thursday, August 26, 2010


Quilts everywhere...!!
Saturday is the "New River Celebration..!"
And we are featuring local artist at the Visitor's Center......
yesterday the "quilts" were hung.....

Here's Ranger Paul.....checking to make sure they are even....

The Duckies and the Snowmen are over my desk area....

Ranger Jamie and Jason with a little teamwork.....

Ranger Scott lends a this yellow one!!!

Scott and Jamie working as a team.....

Jamie liked it up there......did not want to come down....!!

Jimmy .....supervising....??

Anyway.......this Saturday we are planning a "fun packed" day ....with lots of programs.....activities for the hopefully bring awareness to the general public about the plight of the Eastern Hellbender......

Eastern Hellbender......the snot otter.....the biggest....ugliest.....salamander.....

that makes his home in the New River up here in the high country....

Let's keep him off the endangered list....!!



  1. Sounds like fun. Enjoy. Beautiful quilts.

  2. It sure would be nice to work surrounded by those beautiful quilts. They are all so pretty. Have fun!

  3. They're all so beautiful! Did you entry some of your's?

  4. What a delightful array of color and pattern! Today will be a fun day~surrounded by so much beauty and talent!

  5. Love those quilts! Good luck on spreading the word Saturday!

  6. The one that Scott and Jamie are hanging as a that all Seminole piece work?

  7. Great entry. I grew up with the quilting frame in the living room. And of cousr slept unter two or three of them. hahahaha

    Those are beautiful, I know the visitors center will look great for the big day.

    good luck to the Eastern Hellbender, that I never heard of!!!

    Love from Colorado
    jack & Sherry

  8. Well, I had to go look up the Eastern Hellbender. Pretty little thing (says Louise sarcastically). It's interesting that the male is the one that guards the nest.

    Hope the quilt sales go briskly, for the hellbender's sake.

  9. Oh the poor snot otter! The quilts are awesome!