Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A change in the weather......

(new picture of Thelma and Lou....aren't they growing..??!!)

You know that old song....

There's been a change in the weather...
There's been a change in me......

Well.......there's been a change in the weather up here in the high country and the "Ritis Boys" have come to haunt me.......
You know the "Ritis Boys".......Authur and Burci......
And they brought along their friend ...."Fall Allergies"..just to add to the party

So for the last few days it's been a whirl wind of decisions on which Rx to take at what time.....is it time for the decongestant.....the antihistamine.......the muscle relaxer or just go for the pain pill for the entire body aches.......

Such choices......what's a girl to do......?

Welll....i'm dropping a green bead in the bottle and going back to bed.....



  1. Wow....a taste of fall already. We're about a month behind you. But, since I love summertime and the heat doesn't bother me much, I can wait until September and just read your blog/see your pics and enjoy it from afar until then. Good luck with the allergies. If you find something that works and is wrapped up in one tidy pill, let us know. Fall allergies affect me, too.


  2. I hope your extra zzzz's help you to feel better this morning. It's dark and gloomy and looks like rain which we need but it may just pass us by. Have a terrific Tuesday!

  3. Good Morning,
    Your little visiters are just so precious. But, I am sorry to hear that your allergies are getting the best of you. Best to stay inside with the doors and windows closed, right?

    Still hot and humid here in South Dakota...however, a good excuse to not clean in the garage!

    Take care, ~Natalie

  4. Hope those Ritis boys don't stay around too long! And that they take their friend with them too.

    It's extremely hot here. The temp is supposed to reach 106 today - and that's not counting the heat index. It's supposed to let up a little on Fri and Sat with temps of 98 and 99 those days. A real cool front!

  5. I'm amazed that it is hotter there than it is here in Arizona. I think I would stay in bed with the A/C running! :)

  6. Sorry about those visitors -- hope they'll go away soon. I'm so blessed to have no allergies and in general no pains at my age. With the exception of my recent accident -- but those are on their way out of here. Hope yours will soon be gone too.

  7. Thelma and Lou are just beautiful ~ Like you I suffer from allergies. but my Doctor keeps them all under control ~ hope yours do too ~ Ally x

  8. Awww Thelma and Lou are really growing and so cute. Hope you feel better soon. I love when it rains but then I know the high mold count is coming and I will pay. Don't have to worry about that now, its hot and dry.

  9. My husband and I take allergy shots twice a month and they help a lot. Have you ever tried those?

  10. The fawns are beautiful. I hope you feel better soon. Helen

  11. I am late getting here, but that picture is beautiful. Belongs in nat'l geographics.

    A better shot I don't think I have seen.

    Hope all things get better and you fight thru the change in the weather and the change in YOU!

    Sorry to hear it, but maybe the rest will help!
    Love from Park Falls, WI

  12. The picture of the young Deer is beautiful. Do you mind if I snag it? It would make a really cute tag.

    My allergies have been acting up for me too.

  13. Thelma and Louise are precious. I am surprised with the meds you are having to take, you could stay awake to get that adorable picture.
    I have spring alleries, so far Fall leaves me alone. Now where is that wood to knock on.

  14. I enjoyed catching up on your blog today and especially love this pic of Thelma and Lou... absolutely beautiful! Hope you feel better soon.