Wednesday, August 18, 2010


This is yesterdays thunderstorms as they rolled up the hollow ...

Had a nice gentle rain almost all night...
Great for sleeping.....but....made it rough getting up this AM....!!

Today's the Day....

Happy Anniversary to the Parental Units....!!!

Please forgive your "head in the clouds" daughter .....who can never remember to buy a card!!

It's an inherited out female child.....!!



  1. Those pictures looked quite threatening so I'm glad you enjoyed a gentle rain. Happy Anniversary to the Parental Units! A day to be celebrated for sure! Hope it is a WONDERFUL Wednesday at your house!

  2. Yes, Yes YES about the good sleeping weather.
    Happy anniversary to the parents!

    Remembering is the main thing, the card is second.
    Me thinks fall might be in your air up there (IN the clouds).
    Sherry & jack from the banks of the Missouri River.

  3. We could use a good thunder storm around here I tell ya! Great shots.

  4. Gorgeous pictures of those mountains. And you remembered so that should count. Cards are over-rated anyway! :)

  5. We would love to have some of your rain!

    Always nice to send out Anniversary Wishes. Happy Anniversary to the Parents!