Monday, August 2, 2010

In the garbage can......

My good buddy Chris moved to Key Largo last month
Don't ask me why...been there...done that....

She called and said ...."i'm sending you a few things that i'm not taking with me"....OK

The Faberware rotisserie grill was a welcome addition....

And then there was an old metal garbage can.....which we put aside...thinking it was full of junk we'd eventually take to the land fill.....

But....Holy Moly.....!!

This is what was in the old can.......a #10 crock....with the lid....!!!

We won't count the two dead snakes and the old blanket......OK


Enjoy the sand.... heat..... and humidity......!!


  1. You're one lucky woman to have a friend like that! I have an old crock but not with the lid. And I LOVE it. How wonderful that you have the lid too.

  2. What a wonderful friend and such nice gifts too! My grandmother had a crock like that for making pickles. I don't know what ever happened to it. Perhaps some relative has it now. Hope your Monday is a great one!

  3. But what do you do with a crock? The only thing I remember when I told the Old Man in Service, a good story he would say "That's a crock!"

    Funny how you girls get excited over what sounded like,.... well.

    Enjoy the thing, you can make wine in one, I hear.
    Take care...... Weather is nice up here in Marquette, MI

  4. Aren't good friends just the bomb!!! What a great surprise...minus the snakes!!!

    Have a fun day filled with warm summer blessings!!!

  5. What a delightful find! So many options for that crock, especially with the lid, Enjoy!

  6. I thought it might be for sauerkraut, but then I noticed it didn't have the right kind of holes in it!

  7. Everyone needs a friend like that.

  8. MMMMMMMMMMMMM crock pickles!!!

    My Aunt Dorothy would try for years to make and my dad would steal them from the crock before they were ready to put in the year when she went to jar them up there were none


  9. Oh I love the crock! That's my kind of stuff! So sweet of your friend!

  10. Cool crock. Great find and a place to store the snakes.

    Key Largo right now is cooler than we are, the thought has crossed my mind also of going to Florida to cool off.