Tuesday, August 31, 2010

MissKitty talks.......

....and i'm here to tell you....
That the female in this household has had a few CRAZY days this past week.....
Sooooo.....please forgive her for missing some daily blogs......
She's been involved in that strange thing out at the river park with some sort'a Snot Otter.....eeeewwwwww!!......and then last night our family company came in a day early.....
then tomorrow it's off to the outlet mall with the female parental unit and the SIL.....
She barely has time to go to work....
Thank goodness CityBoy and the Male Child feed me....!!
Well gott'a go......there are bunnies to chase.......bird to stalk and twelve acres to watch-over....


  1. She's lucky she has you to keep things in order. Just remember to keep reminding her of that, because sometimes humans can be forgetful critters.

  2. Miss Kitty knows what's important...she has someone to feed her. Hope you have a great time with the company, and the shopping too!

  3. bizzy, bizzy bizzy, sometimes keep girls out of trouble. But then having the cat talk?
    Enjoy the mts. and save the snotty guy!

  4. 12 acres? That's bigger than our whole state!!

  5. AS long as you are fed and happy..Thanks for the report Miss Kitty. Tell your Mom that I really enjoyed the quilts and the art! :)

  6. Hope your Mom gets at least a few minutes to relax !!! sounds busy but enjoyable!!


  7. Wasn't expecting to get the word from a cat but glad I did. I like cats ya know.