Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The "Dog" Guys.......

I know everyone has heard of the "Dog Days of Summer"...
But....these are the "Dog Guys of Summer"....
Every morning and afternoon....on the knoll across from our front porch.....
At least 3-4 trucks.....loaded with old men and beagles...arrive
As the beagles race thru the Xmax trees searching for the allusive bunny rabbits ...
The men try to out talk each other...telling tales of the old days....discussing who's got the best team of dogs this year and who's gonna go to the next competition.....
It also seems you need a cane or stick to lean on to join this group....
Sometimes it sounds like a women's beauty shop......chatter and laughter abound....
(wonder if they realize sound carries)
Anyway....the talking....laughter....barking.....baying....squealing....and yipping go on till dark...
And then they disappear into the mist... as quitely as they arrived....


  1. Ah well, at least it gives them something to do, and keeps them out of their wive's hair.

  2. I guess everyone has to have a hobby of some kind. I used to have beagles and I can imagine the racket they are all making. The beagle bugle is unique. Have a great Wednesday!

  3. Are they looking for rabbits, or are they looking NOW for Bear so they'll know where to find them when bear season opens?

    The reason I ask is, up in the northwoods of Wisconsin dogs are busily searching for bears even as we speak.

    I don't much approve of the practice - - - seems we have ENOUGH of an advantage over the bears by having guns, but it goes on anyway.

  4. I could see my grandfather doing this back in his early days.

  5. I wonder if they talk about their wives?

  6. I love lil stories like these...this what our news should be reporting, instead of the crud they put on all the time...thx for sharing

    ps...ditto Louise comment lol

  7. Aha! So THAT's what the FBI does....pretend to be a group of old men with dogs out hunting rabbits! Must be an undercover operation or something.


  8. You're a better person than I am. I think all the yapping would not make me happy!

  9. sign me up tell them i'll bring beer

  10. I like the entry, us boys with dogs need something to keep us busy, I just don't have a dog to put in the hunt! They are probably have a lot of fun. Interesting anyway!
    From Wisconsin.