Sunday, August 15, 2010

Time for a Count...... we are mid-way thru August and it's time for a bead Count....
If you remember this is the "ole mountain women" system of predicting the snow falls for the coming winter determine this by observing the "fogs" of August.....

Blue beads for heavy fog and green beads for light fog.....Hummmmmmm

As you can see ....we've got...
5 blue beads and 7 green's only August 15th.....!!

Winter's not looking so good.....!!??



  1. Uh oh! You had better stock up on supples and prepare to batten down this winter.

  2. Does this cover our weather for the winter ~ Because how it is here in the UK I don't think Winter has left us behind yet ~ still we have September ahead of us so hopefully Mother Nature will look kindly on us and give us some of that Sunshine :O) ~ ♥ u Ally x

  3. Looks like you may have several snows. Helen

  4. I really like this. I can't wait to hear 'YOUR prediction'.
    Looking forward to comparing it to the actual winter.
    From the Home of the Pony Express, Jack & Sherry in St. Joe

  5. It looks like your generator may get used again. Oh dear, I'm not ready to think about winter. The great thing is I won't have to drive to work in it all this year. But just like the squirrels do, I think I'll stock up and be ready to hunker down.

  6. I could use a good winter about now. Can you cheat and add a few more beads to the jar? :)

  7. Will be interesting to see if this holds true.